2013 | United States | Experimental


  • 3 mins
  • Director | Graciela Cassel
  • Writer |
  • Producer |

I constantly recreate a reality; I create fictions of realities that are ambiguous to allow the viewer to create his/her own reality.

Accelerate attempts to capture the urban geometry through the eyes of a person who is in motion: accelerating and the reducing the speed. The vocabulary of the video with its reflections and multiplicities allows a meditation about modern cities.

"Accelerate”, shows the urban landscape while travelling but it is also a meditation about modern cities. In Accelerate, light and speed stream together. Light is the only thing that can achieve the highest speed. Light appears with contrasts and reflections and speed with its variations when increasing and decreasing the acceleration. Along this trip, our lives appear as real but also as a mirage.

Reality Illusion Docu-Fiction Montage Slow Speed Change Urban City Light Contract Control
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