2016 | France | Documentary,Experimental

La Thérapie Photodynamique (Photodynamic Therapy)

  • French 4 mins
  • Director | Clement Dupont, Salvo Manzone
  • Producer | Emanuel Righi

If the vegetables could helps us to understand how we can cure brain cancer? A inspiring and aesthetic film, which brings hope, showing how light can be used as a efficient treatment.

With Clément Dupont
A movie from Clément Dupont (Scientist) & Salvo Manzone (Filmaker)
Music: Clément Dupont & Hervé Le Dorlot
Team: Matteo Baghino, Isabelle Putod & Emanuela Righi

Thanks to Sandrine Dupuy, Stefano Lanini,  Paolo Baghino & INSERM U1189.

Film produced as part of 48h Competition Imagine Science Paris at 12th Annual Pariscience Film Festival

Tumor Cancer Optogenetics Therapy Malignant Vegetables Fruits Stop-Motion Light