2016 | Italy | Documentary,Short

Take One - Iteration

  • 8 mins
  • Director | Sandro Bocci

Take One - Iteration band official video

The handmade images (non-CGI visual effect) are made using different techniques of shooting at high magnification, reflections and refractions of light through objects and fluid's surface tension on platonic solids. Most of the shootings are based on fluid animated by the music of various frequency ranges (cymatics) directly from multitrack music of Iteration.

water, vaseline oil, 
dyes, optical fibers (Doppio Zero), ink, chemical/uv light, soap, tin, speakers, amplifer, dreaming jewels.

Music "Take One" by Iteration From "Moving Along X Axis"
Video by Sandro Bocci
Laboratory: Julia Set Collection 

Ipazia, Ninotchka.

Magnification Reflection Refraction Light Object Fluid Platonic Solid Frequency Cymatics Music
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