2014 | UK | Documentary

The Pain Detective

  • English 30 mins
  • Director | Barry J. Gibb
  • Writer | Barry J. Gibb

Where do the drugs we take every day come from? What journey do they take from the minds of scientists working within the pharmaceutical industry to the shelves in a dispensary?

The Pain Detective follows Colin Froy, a retired policeman living with cancer, chronic pain and a wry sense of humour as he becomes our eyes and ears. Immersing himself in the world of pharmaceuticals, Colin traces a drug's journey back from clinical trials to its beginnings as a concept in the minds of scientists.

Thrown into this alien landscape of modern science, Colin's questions and humour allow us to experience science in an entirely unexpected light. Through him, we glimpse the personalities and the passion of the people behind the experiments and the harsh realities of trying to bring a new drug to market in the 21st century.

Ultimately, he helps us to capture a glimpse of the long, difficult journey it takes for every pill or medicine to make it to our pharmacy shelves. To clarify why pain, in particular, is such a difficult phenomenon to treat. To gain an insight into the machinations of how modern pharmaceutical companies operate and work together. To make the process of science that little bit more transparent and human to those who will never enter a lab.

Filmed, directed and edited by Dr Barry J Gibb.

A Mosaic film for the Wellcome Trust:

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