2016 | USA | Experimental,Data Visualization,Music Video,Lab Footage

He’s a budding budding yeast professor

  • English 1 mins
  • Director | Andrés Mansisidor

My model organism of choice for research is the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. My scientific role model is my advisor Dr. Andreas Hochwagen. We were asked to make a GIF or short video melding these two topics for a recent department retreat. I went a bit weird with this animation, drawing inspiration from eccentric youtube birthday videos. There is also a bunch of cryptic science mixed into this chaotic video describing the life cycle of a budding yeast. It starts off with the vegetative growth phase of mitotically dividing cells that inevitably depletes shared resources and leads to “stress”-induced mating type switching (gender transformation), diploid formation (yeast sex), and eventually to the formation of spores (the future generation) after meiotic division.

Yeast Budding Stress Meiosis Division Diploid Mitosis Model Organism Cycle Baking
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