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Sperm with hooks
Andrew Smith
...when you look away (trailer)
Phie Ambo
15,000 Volts
Melanie Hoff
23 Degrees, 5 Minutes
Darragh O’Connell
Graeme Hawkins
900 seconds
Robert Seneko
Marie Coutelier, Alexandre Labarussiat
A Biometric Tale
Nicolas Jacquet
A Careful Resurrection
Jeannette Louie
A Commons Sense
Chintan Gohil
A dish of beating heart cells differentiated from embryonic stem cells
Du Cheng
A Festival of Seed
Jason Taylor, Chintan Gohil
A Fly Called Fig
Samuel Ridgeway
A Fortress (Excerpt)
Miryam Charles
A Fruitfly in New York
Alexis Gambis
A Hydrocarbon Heaven
Chintan Gohil

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