2017 | United States | Documentary

My Mind's Eye - Roots: An Interview with Cori Bargmann

  • English 8
  • Director Alexis Gambis

This film is currently not available.

In this fourth episode of My Mind’s Eye, we talk with Cori Bargmann, Torsten Wiesel Professor and Howard Hughes Investigator at the Rockefeller University, about the roots of behavior.


Wouldn't it be great to be able to learn about brain and mind from leaders in the field, and be entertained at the same time? Welcome to My Mind's Eye, a series of interviews about topics such as the mind-body problem, free will, memory, emotion, and on and on, each themed with a song from the rock band, The Amygdaloids. My Mind's Eye is hosted by NYU neuroscientist, Joseph LeDoux, and directed by Alexis Gambis. 


Host: Joseph LeDoux

Director: Alexis Gambis

Editor: Leo Ghysels

Cinematography: Steve Gong

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