2016 | France | Documentary


  • French 5
  • Director Alice Moreau

This film is currently not available.

Alice Moreau studies engraving at l’Ecole Boulle. In this context, she collaborated with physicist Julien Bobroff on the theme of science outreach. She is inspired by quantum physics to create carved bodies in metal and paper, lit up sometimes from the interior. The product can be appreciated for its aesthetic quality but also serve as a tool to discuss the physics of metals and the quantic behavior of electornis. The sculptures enclose the secrets of Friedel's oscillations which are variations in the density of electrons in the metals that occurs around the defects.

Film and project created in the context of a degree in engraving from l'Ecole Boulle in collaboration with Julien Bobroff from the group “La Physique Autrement” (Université Paris-Sud and CNRS).

Special thanks to M. Estrade, Professor of engraving, Arthur Seguin, Lucien Morineau, Pierre Klein, Frédéric Bouquet, and the entire team of engravers and carvers.



Quantum Physics Carve Sculpture Electrons Oscillation
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