2015 | Spain, Ethiopia | Fiction , Experimental


  • Ethiopian English 68
  • Director Miguel Llansó
  • Writer Miguel Llansó, Daniel Worku
  • Producer Miguel Llansó, Sergio Uguet De Resayre

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Our figurine-sized superman hero embarks on an epic surreal journey that will take him across the Ethiopian post apocalyptic landscape in search of a way to get on the hovering spacecraft that for years has become a landmark in the skies.


Birdy and Candy live in complete isolation, in an abandoned bowling alley in the midst of a spectacular, post-apocalyptic and burning hot northern Ethiopia. They try to survive by living off the crumbs of a destroyed civilization. Above them hovers a long-dormant spaceship. At the first signs of reactivation from the vessel, the world of our two heroes is turned upside-down. Candy is convinced that he is of extraterrestrial origins, and wants nothing more than for the spaceship to take him home. To make that happen, he has to embark on a surreal journey and confront his own fears, freaky stuffed animals, and Santa Claus.

CRUMBS is an absurd and surrealistic sci-fi with a distinct, mind-blowing aesthetics, and pop-cultural references literally bouncing all over the canvas. But it is also a touching story of love, identity and finding your place in life. No way out: Surrender to this weird and darkly, beautiful little film.

sci-fi future archeology dystopia surrealism apocalypse satellite
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