2016 | USA | Documentary , Experimental , Short


  • English 5
  • Director Cidney Hue
  • Writer Matt Ahearn

A journey through the electromagnetic spectrum~

Created in one week with scientist Matt Ahearn for Imagine Science's 2016 Symbiosis Film Competition.

Cinematography by Nona Catusanu & Cidney Hue
Narrated by Lauren Sowa
Starring Big Hair Girls: Lizzy Lightyear & Venus + Matt Ahrean as Scientist
Cosmic Footage by Nasa
Music by Konsonant Music
Special Thanks: Joshua Kace, Lesley Shannon, Isabella Tan, Shelly Zatta, Zena

Made as part of the Imagine Science Symbiosis Film Competition 2016

Ultraviolet Visible Light Gamma Red Blue Green Spectrum

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